Trying Luck with Jurassic Jackpot

I know every one of you is aware of the Dinosaurs. We all know the fact that they are not present in our era. They were extinct millions of years ago. We only watched them in our books or in the movies. Hollywood made many movies on this theme and most famous one is Jurassic park. This movie is just a milestone in cinematography. I want to be fair in this case that I watched Dinosaurs for the first time in that movie. That movie was released way back in 1993. I was in my college at that time and watched it with some of my friends. We missed our class and went back cinema hall for watching that movie. After that, there are many sequels was filmed but not able to match the scenario created by the first movie of that sequel. But now I want to get you back to the real part of this article.

One day I was playing games on Roxy Palace. I am a very big supporter of these online casinos. I hate those persons who think that the people who are playing these as a society bully. So, leave that topic regarding those nerd peoples. Let’s get back to work. I was enjoying my time while playing these. I was checking the list that was present on the left side of that. While I was searching a name instantly flashed on my screen which I never watched on that site. The name of that was Jurassic Jackpot. That name appeared very attractive to me because many childhood memories started revolving around in front of my eyes when I watched Jurassic park movie for the first time and became a fan of Steven Spielberg. So, decided to play it for the day.

As the name suggests the theme of it was based on Dinosaurs. The graphics and sound effects of it were also fantastic. That was just a simple one with a single pay line and as the name suggests the main thing about it was a jackpot. It had a jackpot of 1600 coins which you can get by only betting a couple of coins. That means you will get 800% of the betting amount. What you can hope more than that. I also tried my luck with it, but was not able to hit that jackpot bar. But I will give full credits to the developers of that for creating such a different themed game. I played It when I visited that site, but never able to win the huge amount. So, wish me luck for the next time that I will win that huge jackpot.